Tea, Taste and Fondue

Green tea has been praised for a multitude of potential health benefits, perhaps more so than any type of tea. In fact, all of the fuss over green tea’s alleged health benefits may have helped in large part to play a role in the resurgence in tea’s overall popularity in recent years.

But did you know that green tea can actually alter the way we perceive flavors? It’s true, or at least that’s what a group of researchers are claiming. Results of a related study headed by a Cornell University food scientist will appear in the January issue of the journal Food Quality and Preference.

The researchers found that the polyphenols which are particularly abundant in green tea were found to be more numerous in the saliva of people who drank more green tea. Green tea drinkers were also found to be more sensitive to astringent (the kind that tend to make your mouth pucker) flavors than others. For more on this research project, look here and here.

But let’s also be sure to rack up another point for black tea. The tried and true old warhorse of the tea world, black doesn’t get nearly the amount of press that its more colorful cousin does, but it recently came in for a mention in this brief article. If the article is to be believed (and I wouldn’t swear to the fact that it’s not one of those Onion-styled news parody) then black tea might be of some aid in the digestion process for anyone who’s eaten fondue. That’s right, fondue.

According to the researchers in Switzerland and Germany who conducted the study, black tea enabled subjects to digest the cheese in fondue in less than half the time of those who drank white wine – though both groups apparently suffered symptoms like heartburn, nausea and indigestion.

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