Teapots, Teapots and More Teapots

When it comes right down to it you don’t really need a teapot to make tea. But for many tea drinkers this piece of teaware is a crucial part of the process of preparing and consuming tea and one that they’re not willing to part with.

Frog Teapot - Toby Toad - 32oz
Toby Toad Teapot

The teapot has probably been with us for as long as there have been tea drinkers and has been turned out over the years in a seemingly endless number of permutations that are limited only by the vivid imaginations of their creators. There are plenty of “basic” models of teapots too, but it’s the offbeat ones that tend to get more attention.

If you’re looking for the weirdest and most wonderful teapots out there, Andy Titcomb’s Teapots Teapot Teapots is always a great place to start. Titcomb is a teapot designer himself and has been using this site to bring readers all manner of teapot news since summer of 2005. The latest teapot to be featured there, as of this writing, is a quite clever model in the shape of a bunch of asparagus. If you’re looking to see all manner of teapots in the flesh (ceramic?), be sure to schedule a visit to Kent, England. It’s the home of Teapot Island, which boasts “over 6400 teapots, each with its own unique history.”

Bodum 12oz. Brazil Coffee and Tea Press
Bodum 12oz. Brazil Coffee and Tea Press

If that’s not enough teapots for you, be sure to check out The Ten Best Teapots, a photo gallery of interesting pots that recently appeared in London’s Independent newspaper. For a truly offbeat teapot, with associated teaware, take a look at the Drink Link, which is designed to bring you together with the people you’re drinking tea with – whether they like it or not.

If you have guests who prefer coffee to tea or if you like to partake in a little bit of that other hot beverage from time to time, there’s good news. There’s a gadget on the market now that will allow you to prepare both. It’s Miam Miam’s Duet Tea Infuser + French Press Coffee System and you can read more about it here.

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