Mothering Mom on Mother’s Day with Tea

Where would we all be without mothers? Biologically speaking, we wouldn’t. Emotionally and physically, we’d be pretty bad off. So, a bit of mothering Mom on Mother’s Day is very much in order. A special tea time is one of the best ways to show her your appreciation for all that “mothering” she showers on you.

Mother's Day Gift Baskets
Mother's Day Gift Baskets

Motherhood is even more global than tea. From Hong Kong to Norway, from Belgium to Singapore, and all points in-between mothers are celebrated. There was even a time in France when mothers were given awards based on the number of children they had (4 to 5 kids got mom a bronze medal; 6 to 7 kids garnered a silver medal; 8 or more warranted a gold medal), a way to repopulate after World War I.

Mothers are also celebrated in movies. One of the classics is Mildred Pierce with Joan Crawford as Mildred and Ann Blyth as her daughter Veda, young, beautiful, innocent-looking but deadly. Mildred worked hard earning money to support her and her two daughters by first baking pies, and then expanding that to an eatery. Despite the restaurant’s great success, her daughter Veda was still ashamed that her mother was a working woman (as the Brits say, Veda had “ideas above her station”). Personally, I found Mildred to be quite admirable, doing what she knew best (pie baking) to make a living. In fact, I might try baking a pie on Mother’s Day in her honor. (How edible it will be is another matter.)

You could bake a pie or cake for your mother and serve it up with a nice pot of hot tea or even a pitcher of chilled or iced tea. Not much of a baker? No problem. Put together a basket of goodies that includes Bakewell’s, Mr. Kipling, or other pre-made cakes. Toss in some cookies and a few types of tea. A fruity Darjeeling always goes well. Or you could include a black Ceylon or a light-tasting green tea. Don’t forget a teapot in a floral design. Arrange everything prettily in a basket or set up the kitchen or dining room table with tablecloth, a vase of lovely Springtime flowers, special treats and tea arranged just for Mom.

Don’t forget lots of real, made-in-Britain Cadburys candies. There’s something about them that’s a bit creamier and more chocolaty than the American version made by Hershey’s. Your mom will know the difference — mothers always know!

Themed gift baskets will also make your mother feel mothered on her special day. Gardening, beauty products such as special hand lotions and bubble bath, literature (tea and books go great together!), even a music-themed basket (just be sure it’s her favorite music on the CD you include with the other goodies) will do the trick. Maybe she’ll even let you date that guy with the stud through his lower lip and a tattoo on his forehead that says, “If you can read this, kiss me.”

No guarantees here, though!

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