My Favorite “Tea Shirt”

Oolong Orange Blossom Estate tea loose leaf
Oolong Orange Blossom Estate Tea

People ask me what the “A.C.” stands for in my author’s signature. Usually, I just give some sassy answer like “my first two names – duh!” But now I’ll tell you. It stands for “Anything Comfy”! I have comfy furnishings, comfy foods, comfy times with my hubby, and my favorite comfy “tea shirt.” Ah!

Tea-dyed apparel has been around awhile. Small wonder since tea is one of nature’s pigments. In fact, both coffee and tea are used in a variety of ways by artists, including in paintings. But this isn’t what I mean by a “tea shirt.” It’s not a shirt that was once a pure-as-the-driven-snow white, then left to soak in a pot of steeped Assam with its brilliant ruby red color. It’s certainly not a T-shirt left to stew in a vat of some lovely yellow-green tea liquid; even if it were, it would be a V-neck style, not the ones with that round neckline that makes my face and neck look totally fat and gives me an even geekier look — but I digress.

While both of those shirt options sound intriguing, they do not come close to matching my comfy “tea shirt”!

To understand the description of this shirt, you have to have some conception of what true comfy-ness means. It’s something that makes you feel relaxed, at peace with yourself and the world, not too hot, not too cold, no dangers or worries at least for this brief time — in short, all’s right with the world.

Of course, you need certain accoutrements to “dress the scene,” as they say in the theatre. Seating is of utmost importance. Somehow, standing is never, at least for me, a position conducive to comfy-ness. In college, I participated in the weekly thé dansant (literally, dancing tea) sponsored by the French Club and would stand around awkwardly holding my teacup and saucer, chatting away in French between sips of tea, so I know whereof I speak in this regard. Seating with a bit of padding and soft fabric upholstery such as chenille or velour will suit nicely.

Then, of course, being thirsty and having a grumbling tummy are too distracting for comfy-ness. So, naturally, a nice beverage (surprise, surprise, my choice is usually tea!) and a bit of a nosh such as yummy crumpets, fresh cookies, or some veggies and cheese and crackers, are part of the comfy scene.

Don’t forget that soft lighting, gentle music, and your loved ones around you are also essential. Hubby, liking tea as much as I, enjoys that comfy moment with me.

Now that the stage is set and the supporting cast is in place, it’s time for the comfy “tea shirt.” As with all good theatrical productions, wardrobe is key. Soft fabrics like 100% cotton or a lovely raw silk are good. Short or long sleeves, depending on the weather. Pull-over or button front doesn’t really matter as long as it’s comfy, which means it has to be the right size, not too tight or too loose, and not too stiff or itchy.

I don my comfy “tea shirt,” fill my teacup with a lovely, soothing Oolong called Buddha Hand, hubby fills his teacup, too, and we both settle into our comfy seating for a bit of tea sipping. Ah!

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