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Tea Songs to Sing While Brewing Tea

Of course, something as beloved and a part of living as tea (I dare say as much as sex, given the situation) is also much regaled in song.

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Lyrics for a new tea song?

There is Tea for Two, and most everyone can sing those three words. The song sort of combines tea and sex as it is a love song about two people who apparently love tea, marriage, and living happily ever after. It was also a Doris Day movie, where she, of course, sang the song.

The year of 1940 brought the hit by the Ink Spots: Java Jive. “I love coffee, I love tea…” are the first five words. Apparently they did not want to leave out tea drinkers. Jive was a popular type of dance in the 1940s and 1950s. On the convoluted line in that song about an onion, I did an exhaustive one-click research and came up with the idea that there used to be an old New York tradition of putting half an onion and a raw egg into a cup of coffee in the morning, which I find a very good reason to stick to tea drinking.

My favorite is a song truly celebrating tea and done, amazingly, by The Kinks, a rock band popular in the 1970s — Have A Cuppa Tea. The song was actually a hit for them and remains a fan favorite. I tend to like any song with hallelujahs in the lyrics. I’ve often said, “Hal-le-luyah!” upon sipping my first cup of tea in the morning.

There are quite a number of songs about tea on YouTube, but the one I don’t want you to miss is this catchy tune that I now find myself singing, and even dancing around, while I brew tea — the Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Song, from the DutchDutchess.

Sing tea!

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