Buying a Tea Set

When people hear that I am “into” tea and teaware, they tend to also assume that I collect traditional British style teapots and teasets. The truth, however, is somewhat disappointing, as my taste in teaware is decidedly functional, so most of my brewing and drinking vessels are Chinese-style cups and teapots that I’ve collected over the years. Still, I can appreciate why someone would like to have at least one formal set of matching teaware, which can certainly add a great deal of elegance to one’s home and tea service.

A few words to the wise about buying teasets:

  • Consider your purpose in buying a teaset. The beautiful flowered sets, made from delicate porcelain are certainly nice to look at, but may not be the most serviceable or economical choice. These sets can be pricey, and if you break a component, you may have some difficulty tracking down a replacement. Plus, these sets don’t always hold the heat of the tea well. If you buy one for serious tea drinking, make sure that you also get a tea cozy for the pot. My suggestion is that, if you want a formal teaset, invest in the best teaset that you can afford, and then put the rest of your teaware budget toward less expensive but more practical pieces.
  • If you don’t plan to regularly serve tea to large groups of people, why not buy a “tea for two” set? These sets are much less expensive than those for larger groups, yet can also add an elegant touch to an intimate chat with a close friend.
Tea Set for Two - Argyles
Tea Set for Two - Argyles
  • Check out a ceramic teaset. These are typically reasonably priced, sturdy, and the thick ceramic construction tends to hold heat better than porcelain.
  • Finally, if you are all about matching teasets for décor but don’t want to spend your money on something you may not use regularly, consider buying some miniature teasets. These adorable sets can brighten your rooms without taking up too much space or costing you a fortune.

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