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Review — Double Bergamot Earl Grey from The English Tea Store

Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea
Double Bergamot Earl Grey

Name: Double Bergamot Earl Grey

Brand: The English Tea Store

Type: Black tea, flavored

Form: Loose leaf

Review: Earl Grey lovers who like a strong dose of bergamot but prefer to not swallow perfume are in luck: This Double Bergamot Earl Grey offers tea drinkers a refreshing cuppa that isn’t overpowering but does have that lovely, strong bergamot kick. Even better, the price on this tea is ridiculously low, making it a great option for budget-minded tea lovers.

I confess that the dry leaf did not impress me: The leaf was extremely small and broken, though it did have a nice, clean citrusy nose. It brews up to a dark-medium brown shot through with a hint of burgundy. The scent of the infused tea is relatively light: You can still smell the black tea even though the bergamot is also quite present.

Many types of “strong” Earl Grey teas can be too overpowering, but that is not the case with Double Bergamot Earl Grey. Instead, one can taste the black tea, which offers a robust foil to the citrus flavoring. The tea is somewhat astringent, which meshes well with the snappy, tangy bergamot. You know that you are drinking Earl Grey, but you aren’t clubbed over the head with this knowledge.

This is just a high-quality, low-priced cup of tea that is well blended and offers balanced flavor. It is available in several sizes, as well as tea bags, and would make an excellent gift for someone. Alternatively, I’d also recommend it as a “go to” tea for hostesses that want to offer their guests an Earl Grey option.


Preparation Tips: Preparing this tea is easy peasy: A teaspoon of leaf to eight ounces of boiling water and a three minute steep results in a very fine cup of Earl Grey.

Serving Suggestions: This is a very versatile tea and I’ve enjoyed it with breakfast foods, chocolate and even on its own. For folks who like to drink Earl Grey with food, this is a great choice, as the strong bergamot is not overwhelmed by other flavors.

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