Review — English Evening by The English Tea Store

English Evening Tea
English Evening Tea

Name: English Evening

Brand: English Tea Store

Type: Black and green tea blend

Form: Loose leaf

Review: I’m not quite sure what makes this an “evening” blend, though I suspect it’s somewhat austere flavor has something to do with it. I can’t speak to the caffeine content: As always, if you are concerned about caffeine, be cautious when drinking this or any other tea (and always follow your doctor’s advice) . Have half a cup and see how you feel. Personally, I find that this tea doesn’t give me much of a buzz, which I count as positive, but your mileage may vary. If you find that English Evening has more caffeine than you can handle in the evening, try a decaffeinated tea or an herbal tisane.

The tea leaf itself is a blend of black and green teas with a pungent nose while still dry. Black leaves, which I suspect are of Darjeeling origin, dominate the blend, though the green leaves  are quite visible upon close inspection.  The tea infuses to a bright orange, light-medium bodied liquor. Upon first sip, I taste a bit of sweet spiciness, though that quickly gives way to more robust flavors and the sweetness quickly dissipates. Its finish is slightly bitter and vegetal, which I attribute to the green tea. The gamut of flavors makes this a rather complex cup: One layer of flavor gives way to the next with each sip and it reminds me a bit of drinking a dark oolong.

Preparation Tips: Because of the green tea in this blend, I recommend a fairly short (2 minutes) steep and water that has been cooled down to 190F. Making this tea with boiling water, or steeping it too long will produce a bitter and disagreeable tea.

Serving Tips: More of a “sipping” tea than a food tea, though I could see serving this with light tea-time sandwiches such as cucumber or watercress. Not suited to milk or sugar.

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