Doting on Dad on Father’s Day with Tea

Fathers are pretty special people. I know mine sure was. So, a bit of dotage for dads is certainly in order on their special day. And what better way than with a special Father’s Day Tea.

My dad grew up during what we now call the Great Depression. He really did walk through snow and storms to get to school (the one-room style) and back home — it wasn’t just a story to tell us so we would appreciate “how good we had it.” He also learned the value of hard work and how to be true to his family. He was there for me and my siblings, and at one point worked not only a full-time physically laborious job but two equally strenuous part-time jobs. We always had food on the table and a roof over our heads.

The Thrill of the Grill Father's Day Gift Basket
The Thrill of the Grill Father's Day Gift Basket

Time to lay out a table for some dads we know to generally acknowledge their “dadness,” with some dad-like tea such as a strong black Ceylon or Assam accompanied by some hearty treats. But what is “dadness”? Good question.

Around the world and through the ages, the role of dads in the lives of their children has varied a lot. From mere biology to hunter/protector to stern guider of young minds thru adulthood to more companionable roles, fathers have been there. In some countries, fathers maintain what many consider to be the strictly “male” portion of the parenting tasks, that is, they go out and work and support the family, then come home and set and enforce the rules of the house. In other countries, the lines between which parent performs which parental role have blurred a lot, where dad is just as likely to change diapers or drive the kids to sports practice as mom is.

Despite these differences, there are some key similarities. Dads everywhere have a special place in their hearts for their children. Seeing a father with his child sleeping in his lap or eating at the local fast food joint and seeing a dad lovingly leading his child by the hand to the restroom are always cherished sights.

Earl Grey tea (Metropolitan blend)
Earl Grey tea (Metropolitan blend)

During the past Mother’s Day some people tried to include fathers in the mix, claiming that because many of them do a lot for their children that they should be called “mothers” instead of “fathers.” Yes, many fathers do as much for their children as most mothers do. But they are still fathers. Also, having a day to celebrate fathers and a day to celebrate mothers in no way denigrates either, but merely gives each their turn. Nor does it enforce a role or stereotype. Fathers can be just as loving and caring as mothers, especially if they are the only parent in the household.

However you see it, celebrate your dad’s “dadness” with a great tea time! Whether sports (golf, baseball, etc.), a car mechanic or even a writer or computer programmer, pick the right theme to suit your dad. Dads like all kinds of teas, too, and don’t forget to pile on the goodies. My dad loved hamburgers and potato salad (I can see his smiling face even now whenever I have that combo). Find out what your dad’s fave foods are and serve them up in ample amounts. The main thing is to take the time to show your dad how special he is. Enjoy!

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