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In the Leaves for July

Editor’s note: This article is presented for entertainment purposes only. As of the posting date, there are numerous travel warnings for Egypt, issued by the U.S. Department of State, Canada, the UK, and other countries.

Gunpowder tea pre-leafreading
Gunpowder tea pre-leafreading

Once again it is time to complete the ancient magical and arcane rite of ‘a sit down and a nice cup of tea’ to see what insights may be revealed in the future for the month of July.

First unearthed in the remains of a very enjoyable cup of gunpowder green was a triangle, two pyramids, a cube and a smile. The triangle was pointing upwards which means an unexpected event with a positive outcome, the pyramids are a sign of solidity and success, the cube is a symbol of safety and comfort and the smile is, obviously enough, for happiness. Clearly we’re off to a very good start. July will be a month of shocking developments turning out well, a good month for adventuring. Safe adventuring and pyramids aren’t usually things you’d associate with each other so there could be a rare opportunity here.

Looking further around the cup I found a fish, a tie, a doll and a horn. A fish is good things coming to you from overseas, the tie is work, the doll is play, and the horn is abundance. It’s summer holiday time and you can expect many good things from your trip abroad. Egypt might be a particularly good choice if you want to take advantage of some of the earlier hints in this month’s reading.

Towards the bottom of the cup there was a bowl, a duck and a daschund. The bowl can represent a new interest, the duck means gaining money and as for the dachshund, a dog means a friend, so if you have any particularly tall friends, then now is the time to let them talk you into trying new things. Raiding pyramids can, for example, be very profitable; it all depends on the type of friend you ask.

Finally, there was an inkwell and a shepherd’s crook, which respectively mean a letter and authority. The crook is also a common Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol representing rulers or governors. This could mean that you will be receiving important documents or, in another context, it could theoretically be a warning to pay particular attention to any writing you might find on the tombs of ancient rulers — curses, warnings, that kind of thing.

In summary, the tea leaves are forecasting a happy and profitable month in which trying new things will pay off and during which undead mummys and elaborate ancient booby traps are likely to be at a minimum.

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