Devonshire Tea to Attempt Teamaking Record

Devonshire Tea is going to attempt to break the current world record for making cups of tea in one hour, using a team of 12 helpers. As of the posting of this article, the record is 491, so Gavin Sheppard, Debbie Kay, and the rest of the “D-Team” have quite a challenge ahead. You don’t think it’s that tough? Time for some calculations.

Tasty Devonshire Tea from the folks in Plymouth, UK
Tasty Devonshire Tea from the folks in Plymouth, UK

How long does it take you to make a cup of tea? Well, you heat the water, steep, and drink. So, four minutes, maybe five. Of course, if you steep by the potful, it takes a bit longer — nine or ten minutes, assuming you are using boiling water and steeping a black tea. That’s about five or six potfuls per hours, or 20-24 cups. Now, if you have a team of 12, each steeping up their potful — gee, that would only be 240-288 cups of tea. Whoa — my brain is starting to hurt!

So, how do you set things up to steep more? For one thing, have lots of pots steeping at the same time. For another, keep hot water always going. Gavin recommends using four teabags per teapot and steep for three minutes. You’ll get a strong enough cuppa that way.

Why bother trying to break the world record? Just ’cause. People climb Mt. Everest and when asked why, they say, “Because it’s there.” Being a tea company, Devonshire Tea thought that mountain climbing wasn’t quite a natural fit, but setting a new world record for steeping cups of tea certainly is!

Plus, people attending the event can buy the cups of tea, with the proceeds going to support two local organizations:

  • The BBC Radio Devon Air Ambulance Appeal
  • Children’s Hospice South West

The event is scheduled for August 19th and promises to be quite a TEArrific time for all in attendance. If you are going to be in the Plymouth area, stop by and say “Hi!” and purchase a tasty cuppa Devonshire Tea!

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