Reading Tea Leaves — Ceylon Teas

Sixth and last (for now, at least) in the round of that practical approach to reading tea leaves. Before steeping, these leaves tell of the process they endured once plucked from the tea bush (Camellia Sinensis). After steeping, they reveal their true nature more fully. One thing to bear in mind is that tea was a “replacement crop” in Sri Lanka when coffee plants developed a disease that wiped out the entire crop on the island. I think the tea leaves have a sense that they saved the economy of the people who grow, harvest, and process them. Just a theory!

Here are tales from a few Ceylon teas I’ve tried:

Ceylon Symphony — As musical to your eyes and your taste as a symphony, these broken leaf pieces are rather consistent size, their colors undulating and dark in a rather green hue. They steeped up dark enough and with a strong enough flavor to harmonize with a bit of milk and sweetener.

Ceylon Shawlands — A true champion in the saleable crop arena and not just from saving the people of Sri Lanka after the coffee disaster, the broken leaf pieces, while inconsistent in size, shine with a coppery color and steep up strong enough in flavor to stand up to a bit of milk and sweetener. How’s that for a super tea?

Ceylon #1 — Similar to its brethren from this isle, this tea also has broken tea leaf pieces of inconsistent size that steep up a nice strong liquid appropriate for those who like a bit of milk and sweetener. Another one worthy of the idea of herohood, placing Sri Lanka in the realm of a top tea producer.

The tales that tea leaves tell! I hope you enjoyed them all and will take the time to “read” your tea leaves both before and after steeping!

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