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August 29, 2011

  • College Dorm Teatime

    College dorm rooms tend to be tiny, so it is important to make every inch of space count. Tea loving college students, particularly those who favor loose leaf teas,  need to be smart about their teaware, as too many items leads to clutter. When selecting some items for a dorm room, it’s a good idea… Continue reading

  • A Touch of Pu-erh

    Pu-erh seems to be one of those love ’em or leave ’em teas. Some people say they taste like dirt. Other consider them heavenly. They can be purchased in cakes to enjoy now or to store in a safe place to age and improve over time. They also come in bricks and tuochas (little bird’s… Continue reading

  • Panacea: A Poem Upon Tea

    Are there more poems devoted to the joys of tea than to its cousin in the hot beverage field, coffee? I haven’t done the research and thus concede that I might be wrong, but I’d be willing to bet that there are. There’s just something about tea that inspires devotion and praise in a way that… Continue reading

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