Bodum 12oz. Brazil Coffee and Tea Press

Bodum 12oz. Brazil Coffee and Tea Press

College dorm rooms tend to be tiny, so it is important to make every inch of space count. Tea loving college students, particularly those who favor loose leaf teas,  need to be smart about their teaware, as too many items leads to clutter. When selecting some items for a dorm room, it’s a good idea eschew tea “uni-gadgets” and select items that work for preparing and serving other foods and beverages as well. Here are some ideas for back-to-school shopping:

  • Electric Kettle: An electric kettle is a dorm room must. Kettles boil water for tea, coffee and instant soups quickly and efficiently. For maximum versatility, get a combination hot pot/water kettle that you can use for cooking as well as heating water.
  • French Press: Teapots are always a great choice for brewing tea, but if you are looking for a brewing vessel that has multiple uses, you may wish to consider a French press , which can be used for brewing both coffee and tea. Just be sure to thoroughly clean the press and pot after each use to prevent the scent of coffee from contaminating your tea.
  • Tea Travel Mug with Infuser Basket: The nifty thing about a tea travel mug is that you can not only sip the tea directly from the mug, but you can also pour it into cups if you want a more elegant way of drinking your tea. An insulated tea mug can also hold other hot or cold beverages for sipping while you are in class or walking around campus.
  • Tea For One Stackers: These nifty sets include a teapot and cup that can be stacked on top of each other. The teapot is obviously handy for making tea, but the cup or mug can hold soups, chili or curries cooked in your hot pot. The saucer that comes with some of these sets works well as a small plate for snacks and sandwiches.
  • Infuser Mugs: Infuser/mug sets let you brew your loose-leaf tea without needing a separate teapot. The mug can also be used for other foods and beverages.

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