Review — Organic Nile Delta Camomile by The English Tea Store

Nile Delta Camomile
Nile Delta Camomile

Name: Organic Nile Delta Camomile

Brand: English Tea Store

Type: Herbal

Form: Loose leaf

Review: Organic Nile Delta Camomile tastes different from most of the camomiles that I have tried over the years. While it’s beautiful yellow flowers do a great job of infusing to a gorgeous rich yellow, this chamomile has some interesting characteristics. If you are a camomile lover, I’d be interested in getting your opinion on this tisane.

Unlike some camomiles, this stuff has something of an edge: I’m picking up some spice in the backnote that I wasn’t expecting. Many of the camomiles that I’ve recently tried are extremely mild and buttery, but this tisane has a lot more structure, yet a slightly lighter body, than I expected it to have. If you prefer a gentle, mild and buttery camomile, Organic Nile Delta is not for you.

Overall, I think that this is a good camomile tisane, but would recommend trying a small amount first before buying in bulk, just to make sure that you actually like it.

Preparation Tips: Use about three grams of leaf per  eight ounces of boiling water. This organic camomile has some spicy notes that are not improved by a long steep, so let it infuse for four minutes at the most.

Serving Tips: Camomile is generally an evening beverage, and I like to drink it right before bedtime. I suggest you do the same.

Warning: While camomile is generally considered safe, some people may develop an allergic reaction, so be careful about drinking Organic Nile Delta Camomile or any other herbal, particularly if you are being treated for allergies or are taking any medications. Some medical professionals caution that drinking camomile might make you drowsy or enhance the effects of medications that can cause drowsiness. Talk to your doctor about any concerns that you may have.

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