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It’s gadget time again, tea lovers. We’ve reported on tea gadgets many times in these pages and will probably continue to do so, given that the flow of these items never seems to abate even in the slightest.

All in one tea prep gadgets may not exactly be all the rage these days but they are getting quite popular. The Kicker Tea Tumbler is a newer example of one of these devices. If you ever wondered how such a product was conceived and produced, take a look at this blog post, which gives some background information on the development process.

The Packaway Kettle
The Packaway Kettle

A collapsible tea kettle? Is that even possible? If this recent article is any indication then it’s not only possible but it’s on the market now. It’s called the Pack Away Kettle and it has a stainless steel base and a collapsible silicone body. Now that’s progress.

It’s not exactly a gadget but what better place to discuss the guy who’s so enamored of Tetley Tea and their animated mascots that he went so far as to have them tattooed on his body. That’s dedication, tea fans. Check out the article, photo and video, right here.

Once again, it’s not quite a gadget but some might say that these medicinal teas for pets could conceivably fall into the gimmicky category. They’re all herbal teas – no Camellia sinensis was harmed in the making of these products – and the blends include Lithe Tea, QuietTea and Easy Peesy Tea.

Last up, it’s Chai Tea on a Stick, a product introduced by the Minnesota Farmers Union at this year’s Minnesota State Fair. It sounds like something that must surely defy the laws of physics and there’s not much info to suggest exactly what it is. But a press release from the Fair that also mentions Mocha on a Stick leads one to believe that it’s actually a chai tea flavored frozen dessert.

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