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September 7, 2011

  • Darjeeling Black Tea Seasons

    When people tell me that they like Darjeeling black teas, I’m always tempted to ask if they have a seasonal preference. Since I’ve started drinking tea, I’ve found that Darjeelings vary greatly and that these differences aren’t always due to differences between the gardens in which they are grown. The teas produced during each season each… Continue reading

  • Does Milk Fat Effect the Taste of Your Tea?

    Milk is a surprisingly complex subject and controversial when it comes to tea. Healthy? Not healthy? Hides the flavor of tea? Enhances the flavor of tea? The first two only science can answer. The last two are up to you and your tastebuds. Personally, I find that the percentage of fat in my milk makes… Continue reading

  • Yerba Mate Revisited

    If you and I lived in certain parts of South America, there would be no need for me to explain yerba mate to you. Since I definitely don’t live there and you, the reader, probably don’t, I should point out that yerba mate is best described as an herbal beverage that’s wildly popular in many… Continue reading

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