In the Leaves for October

Cadbury Golden Crisp
Cadbury Golden Crisp

October is traditionally a month of spookyness and candy related mayhem full of child like fun and laughter. What could possibly go wrong? A cup of ghostly white tea seemed appropriate to the season and harboured the following dark portents of impending doom…

At the top of the cup there was a lollipop, an axe and some kind of weird looking elf creature. Continuing on I could see a man standing facing me, a moth, a stapler and a rabbit. Further down I found a jug, a harp, a leaf and a set of bellows. Finally at the bottom of the cup there was a bull, a microscope, a snake and a cross.

A lollipop around Halloween seems innocuous enough but it’s followed by and axe which means overcoming difficulties so we’re probably looking at a trick rather than a treat. The weird-looking gremlin thing is probably the source of the trouble, the tea is warning of dark forces rising this Halloween. Beware of children with surprisingly realistic Halloween costumes, they are most likely satanic imps of chaos. I recommend barricading the door and lowering candy to any genuine trick of treaters from an upstairs window.

The man standing near the handle of the cup means a visitor, a moth is a symbol of night-time and dreams, the stapler isn’t a well-known mystical omen but we’ll take it as work related and a rabbit is the need for bravery. So we have a symbol of a boring job, the arrival of a dreamy stranger and a need for some new-found courage. If that isn’t the set up for a good Halloween story I don’t know what is. Given the juxtaposition of the other symbols with the humdrum of the stapler you can expect this to be a sudden and dramatic change. Look out for handsome men being thrown through your office window by demonic forces or dragging you in to supply cupboards to hide from the creature of the night. It will be up to the two of you to make a stand against whatever unspeakable nightmares are prowling the dark in search of blood and candy.

A jug is an increase in importance, a harp means the course of true love running smoothly and a leaf is good fortune but the bellows means plans going wrong. Romance isn’t going to be a problem this month, even battling the forces of darkness can’t ruin the mood. Other things are likely to go awry though so expect the unexpected and stay on your guard. Try to look on the bright side, if the power suddenly goes out try think about how romantic it will all be in candle light and not about all of the unseen shadowy horrors. Make the most of the time with your fellow survivor and remember that blind, screaming panic is unattractive.

Finally we come to the bull, which is a confrontation, a microscope, meaning the need for careful scrutiny and planning, the snake, representing an enemy and the cross which is a symbol for sacrifice. We seem to have reached the dramatic final stand between you and the forces of evil. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy. Beware of rushing in unprepared, the consequences of failure could be grave for all the world. The cross suggests you may have no choice but to go down in a blaze of glory dragging the unholy menace with you.

Allow me to thank you in advance for your noble sacrifice, ridding the world of unspeakable evil and turning Halloween back in to a night of fun and frivolity.

Good luck, god speed and a happy Halloween to you all.

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