Chai for Fall

Here in Chicago, there is definitely a chill in the air, and while I love the colors of fall, I often find myself putting on an extra sweater as the temperature drops. Still, even though I know that the chill will eventually give way to the freezing cold of a Midwestern winter, I’ve got one comfort: It’s chai season!

Chai Tea Gift Basket
Chai Tea Gift Basket

As far as I’m concerned, nothing compares to a hot mug of spicy chai when the weather gets cold. And I don’t mean chai latte, either, though I don’t criticize those who like their chai blended with milk. I’m happy to drink my chai straight, without milk or sugar, as I simply love the flavors of warm spices in a base of robust tea.

Here are some ideas for chai drinking this fall:

  • I think that chai always tastes best when drunk out of large, thick mugs. If your supply of mugs has dwindled over the years, check out the English Tea Store’s collection.
  • Stock up on different chai blends so that you will have a variety to sip this fall and winter. The English Tea Store brand is an affordable option, but Stash also makes inexpensive, bagged chais that are both delicious and a great value.
  • If you are a DIY type, try making your own chai blend with a good quality Assam tea and a mix of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and other spices. Feeling adventurous? Try making chai with green tea instead.
  • Send your college student a chai care package: The English Tea Store offers a gift basket that contains five different types of chai, chocolate truffles and cinnamon honey sticks for sweetening.
  • If you like chai lattes, try making them with almond milk instead of regular milk. You’ll not only reduce the drink’s calorie count, but the almond milk typically meshes very well with chai spices.

See also a couple of Lainie’s chai reviews:
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