Review — The English Tea Store’s Godiva Roche Rooibos

Godiva Roche Rooibos
Godiva Roche Rooibos

Name: Godiva Roche Rooibos

Brand: English Tea Store

Type: Herbal Tisane, Rooibos

Form: Loose leaf

Review: Looking for a chocolate rooibos? Godiva Roche Rooibos is a good one. Made from rooibos, cacao beans and peels, vanilla and what appears to be a handful of calandula petals, this is certainly a rich treat for chocolate fans.

Chocolate and rooibos actually go together quite well: The sweetness of the chocolate meshes with the earthy characteristics of the rooibos nicely, creating a soothing, yet also elegant drink. The English Tea Store was wise to add a strong dose of vanilla to this brew, as vanilla enhances the sweetness of chocolate and is a natural pairing with rooibos.

One Warning: Many people find themselves initially disappointed by chocolate-flavored rooibos because it isn’t as sweet as they expect it to be. Keep in mind that Godiva Roche Rooibos isn’t sweetened, so if you are used to drinking beverages that contain sugar, this tisane may seem somewhat austere at first. That said, I don’t normally use sweetener in my teas or tisanes and I find this rooibos to be sweet enough on its own. If you are hoping to drink something that tastes like a chocolate bar, be prepared to add some sugar or honey to your cup.

Preparation Tips: If you like a very rich chocolate flavor, use 2 tablespoons of dry leaf to 8 ounces of water when preparing Godiva Roche Rooibos and allow to steep for about eight minutes. If you prefer a more subtle cup, reduce the steep time to five minutes and adjust the leaf amount to taste. Add milk and sweetener for a lower-calorie alternative to hot chocolate.

Serving Tips: Drink Godiva Roche Rooibos on its own as a snack or liquid dessert. If you really want to pair it with food, choose plain butter or sugar cookies.

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