Tea Gadgets Rated — Round 1

Tea gadgets abound, and over the past couple of years intrepid and tireless tea journalist William I. Lengeman III has sought out the weirdest, cutest, and downright silliest tea gadgets out there. Other people post their latest finds on Facebook and Twitter, swearing that the gadget is a tea lifesaver. I have even dug up a few myself. A closer look is now in order, with an opinion or two expressed on each one. Are they worth your money or just the latest fad? Feel free to weigh in, especially if you own any of these gadgets.

This is the first in what will probably be a series, since there are tons of tea gadgets out there, as Lengeman can tell you. Each gadget shown here will be rated one of the following:

♥         Gimmicky, not useful at all
♥♥       Neat but not very useful
♥♥♥     So cute I gotta have it (who cares if it’s useful?)
♥♥♥♥   Classy design and somewhat useful
♥♥♥♥♥ Oh my gosh, how did I ever steep tea without this!!

Tea Sub by Ototo
Tea Sub by Ototo

GADGET: Tea Sub by Ototo
DESCRIPTION: The TeaSub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup, creating the perfect infusion of your favorite brew.
MY COMMENT: Twinings posted this on Facebook. Comments were highly in favor, with some of us diehard loose leaf dedicatees protesting this steeper’s inadequacy (tiny holes for water to flow through, cramped quarters for the tea leaves).

Sex Tea and Rock n Roll Tea Bags
Sex Tea and Rock n Roll Tea Bags

GADGET: Sex, Tea and Rock n Roll Tea Bags
DESCRIPTION: These come in sets of five and consist of tea bags with cardboard images of famous persons instead of strings and tags. This set is five icons from music: Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley. Other sets include classic film stars, politics, peace, royalty, and of course Christmas.
MY COMMENT: Just plain silly and something to give as a gag gift or when you really can’t think of anything better. No description is given of the tea in the bags, which tells you that the emphasis is on quirkiness, not tea enjoyment.

Ying and Yang by Ewa Sendecka
Ying and Yang by Ewa Sendecka

GADGET: Ying & Yang by Ewa Sendecka
DESCRIPTION: This sleek glass beauty is a teapot for those who can’t decide which tea to steep. If you want a lovely jasmine and your dearest love wants some Nilgiri, you can keep the peace and still use only one teapot. The interior barrier keeps the two teas separate. Spouts on both sides allow you to pour each tea separately.
MY COMMENT: As much as I love the look of this teapot, I’d rather just use two separate pots to steep and serve. Hubby and I usually drink the same tea at the same time anyway. Plus, I’m not sure that the aroma and taste of one tea won’t leak through to the other side.  
RATING: ♥♥♥♥

Tea Duckie
Tea Duckie

GADGET: Tea Duckie
DESCRIPTION: A 3-piece floating tea infuser set consisting of a yellow duckie with bright orange beak, a metal mesh basket for the tea, and an aqua blue stand. Measures about 3″x6″ on the stand.
MY COMMENT: Very cute. This is the kind of thing you buy just to have. You may use it one or twice, but the duckie will get tea stained and, if you’re like me, you won’t want that, so you’ll probably not even use it.

Do you own any of these? Let us know if you find them useful!

Another batch to be examined at a future date. In the mean time, happy steeping!

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7 thoughts on “Tea Gadgets Rated — Round 1

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  5. Judy Trapp

    I enjoyed your article. I do love seeing all the different tea gadgets. I have a collection of different tea strainers but don’t use them. I did Tea programs in the past and people enjoyed seeing all the different tea paraphanaila. I have a double spouted teapot from Hall China. But it is used to have a stronger tea on one side and hot water on the other side for diluting ones tea. I look forward to part 2 of Tea Gadgets.

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