Review ― Yorkshire Harrogate from The English Tea Store

In the cup with milk and sweetener
In the cup with milk and sweetener

Tea Name: Yorkshire Harrogate

Tea Type: A blend of unspecified black teas

This tasty and economical version of Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire tea is a true find! Open the pack and inhale a wonderful jammy fragrance emitting from those dark brown broken tea leaf pieces. Hubby and I steeped some of those leaves for 4 minutes in water that had been brought to a full boil. The resulting liquid was a fabulous, rich-looking reddish brown with a mild aroma.

Straight, this tea has a smooth flavor with no bitterness, so those of you who can’t stand a “doctored” cuppa can take heart. This is a great tea for you. However, for the rest of us, this tea, with a bit of milk and sweetener, is heavenly! Smooth and rich with the sweetener bringing out the jammy quality. Unlike a lot of other teas out there, what you smell in the dry leaves is what you get in the cup. Wonderful, especially in an age of highly flavored teas that smell great in the shop but disappoint when steeped. This tea was so fine that the Sticky Fingers Scone Mixes jumped out of the cupboard and begged to be baked so they could be part of that tea time. (It’s true, I swear!)

The scone mixes are ready for a tea party
The scone mixes are ready for a tea party

We dared to try a second steep and were not disappointed, making this tea an even better buy. The only caution is that this slightly lighter version has a bit of an edge. Not to worry. A touch of sweetener will take that away.

It would be great for tea vendors to be a bit more specific about their tea blends than to just say “black teas.” Hubby and I are guessing Ceylon black tea here, based on the lack of bitterness and the jammy aroma of the dry leaves. No matter, though, with a tea as tasty as this, you just steep and enjoy!

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Disclaimer: This tea was provided by the company named. However, any opinions concerning this tea and the company  are always strictly objective.

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