Review — Wild Blueberry Organic Black Tea

Organic Wild Blueberry Black Tea
Organic Wild Blueberry Black Tea

Name: Organic Wild Blueberry Black Tea

Brand: English Tea Store

Type: Black tea, flavored

Form: Loose leaf

Review: Now this is the sort of flavored tea that I like: It doesn’t club me over the head with flavor, and I can still taste the tea. At the same time, it is unmistakably a “blueberry” tea: I like the flavor of blueberries, and this tea has that flavor, which is a very tasty thing indeed.

In fact, this tea reminds me a lot of a blueberry wine that I tried many years ago. The wine wasn’t sweet (and neither is this tea) but it possessed the rich flavor of blueberries nonetheless. I particularly like this tea as something to sip first thing in the morning

One bit of warning: Many people are disappointed with fruit-flavored teas because they expect the tea to taste similar to the fresh fruit or fruit juice. Keep in mind that fruits and their juices contain sugar. If you want your Organic Wild Blueberry Black Tea to taste like sweet blueberries, be sure to add a bit of sweetener to your cup.

Preparation Tips: This is a pretty straightforward tea as far as preparation goes: Add a teaspoon of leaf to eight ounces of freshly boiled water and let steep for three minutes. I do not advise the addition of milk to this tea, but a bit of sweetener would probably work well (see my warning about fruit teas above).

Serving Tips: While this tea could make a great “snack” during the day, you may also want to try pairing it with a breakfast of pancakes, waffles or sweet rolls, as the black tea and fruity blueberry flavors could compliment these foods nicely. Another option would be to brew it up as an iced tea and serve it with meals that include beef or game meats, such as venison.

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