Tea Gadgets and Offbeat Tea News

It’s been a while since our last report on tea gadgets but the flow of new gadgets never seems to stop. Let’s start by getting a few bits of offbeat tea news out of the way.

If you’re looking for a surefire formula for getting media attention I’d venture to say that something to do with panda poop and the world’s most expensive tea is not a bad way to go. A recent report about an enterprising Chinese tea merchant who will be fertilizing tea with said poop and (quite optimistically) hoping to sell it for about $35,000 per pound has been picked up by media outlets around the world. Like ABC News, for example. If you happen to have a panda hanging around, keep in mind that because their digestion is not so great their leavings are very nutrient rich and useful as fertilizer.

Speaking of offbeat tea news, what’s the largest tea bag ever created? As of a few weeks ago, thanks a British tea merchant, the record-setting bag measures nearly eight feet on a side and weighs in at a not so shabby 264 pounds. It was filled with English Breakfast tea, for those who might be wondering, but it’s not clear from this report if the tea bag was steeped or the tea consumed.

If the computer’s not the most important gadget to come down the pike in the last 100 years, then it has to be near the top of the list. Here’s an interesting article about how J. Lyons and Co., a British firm that sells tea and more, paved the way for business computing a half a century ago.

If you’re looking for suitable teaware to use the next time you’re planning to get tea drunk (yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as tea drunk), you might want to try this quirky tipping teacup. It allows you to steep and drink your tea in dizzying fashion from the same piece of teaware.

For anyone looking for a tea prep gadget that pushes the envelope as far as space-age design goes, you probably can’t do much better than this truly imaginative tea-steeping device straight out of the Jetsons. And even though I’ve probably mentioned it before at some point, it’s worth noting that this stylish rubber duckie infuser can be yours for only fifteen dollars.

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