10 Super Things to Toast with Tea in January

True tea lovers certainly need no reason to break out the accoutrements and prepare some of that wondrous liquid. However, once prepared, tea makes a most excellent beverage with which to toast occasions both special and trivial. To start off the new year, you had your celebration at the stroke of midnight and most likely spent the first day of the year getting “back to normal” (if there is such a thing).

A Thesaurus by any other name. A synonym for “delicious”: “tea and chocolate pudding”!
A Thesaurus by any other name. A synonym for “delicious”: “tea and chocolate pudding”!

Here are an additional 10 super and possibly lesser known things to toast in January:

  1. Fruitcake Toss DayJanuary 3rd — Chuck those old fruitcakes over this way. Fruitcakes scorned by one person can be a real treat to another, and you can freeze fruitcakes for months or even longer. Great teas to toast that fruitcake with are black teas with rich flavors. I’m gaga over Assam TGFOP with its jammy malty caramelly flavor that stands up to milk. However, a wonderful cuppa Young Pu-erh or even some Keemun or Sylvakandy Estate black Ceylon tea will do the trick.
  2. Bubble Bath DayJanuary 8th — Get those bubbles going! Soft music playing will set the mood. Plenty of candles set around the tub will create the right “glow.” And having a pot of tea handy to sip on while you soak will be the crowning touch. Which tea you choose would be determined by the scent of your bubble bath mix. For example, a lavender scented bath might go best with a nice green tea such as Dragon Pearls.
  3. Full MoonJanuary 9th — Full moons light up the sky with reflected but softened sunlight. If you have a deck or patio or nice spot of lawn where a table can be set up, you can have the most lovely moonlight tea time. If the weather is chilly, bundle up with coats and scarves and gloves. You can serve your tea in an insulated carafe or set your teapot on a warmer stand with a little tealight candle lit below it. Any tea will do here, so select a favorite and include foods that you can pick up with gloved fingers.
  4. International Skeptics DayJanuary 13th — I think I need proof that this is a real holiday. I mean, c’mon, anybody can make up anything these days. But this tea I’m drinking is really good. And I can prove it!
  5. National Hat DayJanuary 15th — Hat wearing and tea enjoyment go together quite well. Hats used to be part of dressing up for tea time, and for some still is. So, put on your hat and head out to the local tea room. Don’t know if there’s one near you? Look it up on TeaGuide.net.
  6. Thesaurus DayJanuary 18th — How come it always seems like I have to lisp to say “thesaurus” properly? And I end up spitting tea all over the place. That’s what I get for trying to talk and drink at the same time.
  7. Chinese New Year and a New MoonJanuary 23rd — A new moon means the sky is at its darkest, so stars are more visible. But since it’s also the Chinese New Year (they go by a different calendar that most of the world), the night could be lit up with fireworks and lanterns and brightly colored dragons on parade. How about some Gunpowder green tea or a lovely Jasmine tea to start off the celebration in a tasty fashion?
  8. Opposite DayJanuary 25th — I hate tea and think that scones are the worst thing ever. (Heh heh, just being a bit opposite here!)
  9. National Kazoo DayJanuary 28th — Play a few tunes while your tea is steeping. A bit of John Philip Sousa would be good here. March around the kitchen until the water boils.
  10. National Inane Answering Message DayJanuary 30th — “At the sound of the beep, hang up and go steep some tea, ’cause that’s what we’re doing so we won’t be checking messages on this machine for a few hours at least. *BEEP!*”

In every month, be sure to toast birthdays and anniversaries of any of your loved ones. And even celebrate such events of major importance as the arrival of that latest order of teas. Get those teacup clinking. Salute!

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