Shelley Jacobs Rodner — Inspired by Tea?

Tea inspires. From poets to painters, from writers to musicians, and most especially interior decorators. Such inspiration truly flows to award-winning decorator Shelley Jacobs Rodner of Bethany Beach, Delaware.

A kitchen design that evokes the colors of teas!
A kitchen design that evokes the colors of teas!

There is one word to describe the interior designs of Rodner, and it is not one I bandy about in a haphazard manner: CLASSY!! Rich colors, textures, and materials all blend together to create visually appealing yet livable spaces. You can almost hear that kitchen design on her web site calling to you: “Come fix some tea in me!” She has also been featured in such magazines as Window Treatments and Kitchen Style & Design. But her skills extend beyond draperies, wall coverings, and the other elements of a well put together interior. She applies her art training to other areas, too, including the cover design for a cookbook and some gorgeous photos posted online at her Facebook page. In March 2011, she won 3rd place in’s Battle of the Ugly Lights. If I had known, I would have voted for her entry. That lamp put the “ugh!” in ugly!

Rodner has the good sense to like tea. I may be betraying a prejudice here, but tea drinkers seem to be a cut above and are definitely folks possessing their own style. Tea can be quite individual, after all, with so many varieties and ways of preparation from which to choose. She has a tendency as well to bring tea and its array of colors into her room designs, at least that’s how I see them. You may call that dark brown a “chocolate brown” but I call it “pu-erh brown.” That ruby red is more of a “black tea red” and so on.

Rodner’s latest recognition comes in the form of having two of her design projects published in a new book titled A Complete Photo Guide to Window Treatments, Volume II by Linda Neubauer and available through Barnes & Noble,, and major book retailers nationwide. Whether or not Rodner was inspired by tea, you can be. Enjoy reading about her designs while imbibing a lovely pot of tea and your favorite treats.

Rodner scouts for unique items like this for her clients
Rodner scouts for unique items like this for her clients

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