Hansel and Gretel Can’t Eat This Tea-for-One Set

The story of Hansel and Gretel is fairly widely known — a couple of urchins who nibble on a gingerbread house in the deep, dark forest, and almost end up as dinner for the witch who lives there. Fortunately, no such urchins exist in our house nor would they be so obtuse as to try to eat our gingerbread-looking tea-for-one set.

At least, I hope they wouldn’t.

Tea-for-one sets are wonderful mood setters for special tea moments all to yourself to enjoy a cuppa your favorite tea. This gingerbread set is no exception. I’m not sure how well it would steep and serve up tea were the cup, saucer, or teapot have a bite or two out of them. Of course, it depends on where and how big the bites are.

Steep steep steep!
Steep steep steep!Ready to drink! I like my ginger tea with a bit of milk and sweetener. Ah!

A teapot designed to look like gingerbread seems quite appropriate for a flavored tea like one of these:

  • Ginger Black Tea— This is a high grown (above 5,500 feet elevation) Ceylon black tea that is naturally flavored with fresh ginger root. The ginger flavor comes through and gives a real exotic character to the taste in the cup with no strange aftertaste.

    Ginger naturally flavored black tea
    Ginger naturally flavored black tea
  • Vanilla Chai Tea — Another black tea (typically from Assam, India) that is flavored with not only ginger but also cinnamon, cloves, pepper, cardamom, and a bit of vanilla. A quick shake of the bag before spooning some out into the teapot is a good idea to assure a balanced mix of the various ingredients. I like it with a generous amount of milk and sweetener.
  • Vanilla Cream naturally flavored black tea — Another high grown Ceylon black tea with rich vanilla that gives it a clean and creamy taste able to stand up to milk but that I find still needs some sweetener to enhance the vanilla-ness.
  • Earl Grey Cream Tea — A long-time favorite with a twist. Black tea with oil of bergamot and a touch of cinnamon and vanilla combined with a bit of fresh cream create a wonderful flavor in the cup that is certainly worthy of my special gingerbread tea-for-one set.
  • Cinnamon Sibu Loose Leaf Green Tea — Nothing wrong with green tea in a gingerbread teapot, especially when it is flavored with cinnamon and rose petals.

The only problem now is selecting one of these teas for my special cuppa and keeping a lookout for wandering urchins.

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