Offbeat Tea News and Gadget Redux

A day without a zany new novelty tea infuser is like a day without sunshine, or so the old saying goes. Which might not be exactly how the saying goes, now that you mention it, but sometimes it seems that there are enough novelty tea infusers coming out to have a new one everyday. This time around we’re happy to call your attention to this shark fin infuser, which if memory serves correctly, is not exactly a new idea. What is new is the tiny red gizmo attached to it that creates the illusion that the shark has already attacked something and drawn blood. Just when you thought it was safe…

TEA thermos
TEA thermos

If you’re looking for something a little more in the Rube Goldberg zone you could try the TEA Thermos. Simply fill it with hot water, attach a tea bag to the clip and set the timer to the appropriate setting. When the time is up the tea bag is cranked up out of the water, halting the steeping process. Now that’s progress.

For the tea lover who has absolutely everything, you might want to spring for one of these clever tea cup stools. Although, to be perfectly fair, it could just as easily be a coffee cup stool, depending on whom you ask. While you’re sitting on your tea cup stool, trying to figure out what to do with those 2,000 spare tea bags you happen to have on hand, why not make an elephant? Although you wouldn’t be the first. More here.

From our Do We Really Need This bureau, we start with Royal Blue Tea, a Japanese product that mixes oolong and green tea. It’s packaged in dark bottles like wine and which bears a price tag to match some of the pricier vintages. Said price tags can range from a paltry $50 all the way up to $2,100 for the “good” stuff. Which is great work if you can get it. Though it promises to be more affordable a recent innovation from Coors sounds a bit less palatable, but of course that’s a matter of individual taste. Said innovation is an iced tea-flavored version of the brewing giant’s Coors Light.

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      Don’t miss Bill’s other articles where he showcases some nifty and different teawares. Always fun to read! 🙂

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        If you click on the author’s name on our blog (under the article title), you will get a list of all of his/her articles on the blog. 🙂

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