Another Round of Tea Gadgets

It seems like only yesterday that we last ventured into the great wide world of tea gadgets. But of course the good people who bring us these fine gadgets have not been twiddling their thumbs in the meantime. It would seem that they’ve been working overtime, turning out what appears to be an ever increasing number of said gadgets. So let’s get right to it.

No gadget report would be complete without at least one wacky, zany novelty tea infuser and this time around we’re happy to present yet another one. Here’s a clever model, which lends a whole new meaning to the term “tea leaves.”

The centennial observance of the wreck of the Titanic has come and gone but not without at least one tea gadget maker paying their own form of tribute. It’s a ship-shaped tea bag holder that allows the user to press the extra liquid out of the bag before removing the bag from cup. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about a tea cup that recently sold for $75,000 at a Japanese auction for charity, except for the fact that it was used once and only once by a certain pop megastar known as Lady Gaga.

You can never have too many teapots, or so the saying goes. Okay, maybe there’s no such saying but, if there were, this would be the appropriate mutant freak piece of teaware to illustrate it. It’s a truly offbeat gimmick by designer Pepe Heykoop that manages to somehow merge two teapots into one. Also from the offbeat teapot front, this scary looking model that features a very convincing pistol-shaped handle.

It seems that some clever person is always finding a new way to utilize tea in one way or another to make art and we close this roundup of tea gadgets with just such a project. It’s a piece called Tea Sunburst that utilizes 3,000 colored tea bags hung on strings to make an offbeat curtain of sorts.

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