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May 30, 2012

  • The Joy of Selfishness and Tea

    To many folks out there, the very word “selfishness” raises their blood pressure a few levels, since the term has been vilified for centuries. Before you start thinking that I am proposing some totally hedonistic and/or bacchanalian tea time bingeing, hold on. I’m just saying that selfishness can be a key ingredient in the enjoyment… Continue reading

  • Travels with Tea: Tea at “Home” in Bucuresti

    One of the benefits of my travels to Romania is our lovely apartment, which is located in a commercial area with easy access to transportation and is just a short walk from downtown. Aside from the cost savings and privacy, staying in an apartment rather than a hotel means the convenience of a washing machine… Continue reading

  • Green Tea Leaves vs. Supplements

    The potential health benefits of green tea are hardly a well-kept secret these days. Sometimes it seems like you can barely turn around without running into another report breathlessly touting the merits of this fine beverage. Given this, it’s probably not surprising that some enterprising merchants have attempted to take the essence of what’s good… Continue reading

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