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June 29, 2012

  • Rare Tea or Raw Deal?

    The term “rare tea” is being bandied about a lot these days on Twitter and Facebook, and it has been touted by tea vendors for quite a few years. But what are “rare teas” and when you get sucked into buying them, are you getting what some call a “raw deal,” that is, buying something… Continue reading

  • Bringing Tea to Darjeeling

    As far as I’m aware the Darjeeling tea industry doesn’t have a slogan, but if they did, perhaps something along the lines of “quality, not quantity” would be suitable. The total output of tea produced in this region of India is pretty much a drop in the bucket when stacked up against India’s other great… Continue reading

  • The Art of Tea Packaging

    Packaging is all about branding and marketing, and, like just about anything that can be bought and sold, tea has not escaped the branding phenomenon. Some might consider all this packaging to be highly unnecessary. After all, all you really need are the tea leaves, and buying them in bulk is often cheaper and more… Continue reading

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