5 Tea Tricks at the Office

In my article Avoid the Strain of Tea Steeping with the 2-Teapot MethodI hinted at some ideas on how to use that method even at the office. One commenter on that article sort of beat me to one of those items, but I’m including it here anyway. There are other tea tricks that come in handy at the office, too, and help you avoid resorting to using just those stale teabags available in the break room.

The tea steeper. When done, the tea is poured into a large mug and more hot water is added to the leaves. (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
The tea steeper. When done, the tea is poured into a large mug and more hot water is added to the leaves. (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

1 Use the Teapot/Thermos approach — The 2-teapot method of steeping tea involves a tea steeper pot and a tea keeper pot. In the office, make that “keeper” a thermos instead of a teapot (see how to select the right one). An insulated tea mug will do, also.

2 Bring in your own bagged teas using tea filtersDrawstring tea filters that you can easily fill with your own teas at home and then take into the office will help you have a decent cuppa while you work. They can be more convenient and offer more variety than carrying in your big bag of one of your fave teas. Even though I love Assam tea, a nice cup or even a potful of Darjeeling or Yunnan or oolong gives my palate variety.

3 Carry pre-steeped tea in with you — The big limit here is the size of your thermos or other container. Depending on how ardent of a tea drinker you are, this tea could be gone before your computer has fully booted up (I worked in an office where it took about 20 minutes for the computer to come up fully due to software upgrades, security script installations, etc.).

4 Set up a mini-gongfu tea station at your desk — I have seen some photos online of such a tea station and think it’s very doable at your office. Have an electric kettle, a bottle for water, a gaiwan, a chahai, a sipping cup, and a tray to catch any spills. And some of your favorite teas suitable for gongfu style steeping.

5 Get a job in a tea shop — Too drastic? I don’t think so. If you truly love to enjoy fine teas during your workday, seek out a job in a tea shop (or even with an online tea store) and be, as the saying goes, like a kid in a candy store. You’ll be trying every tea in sight and eventually settle on some as your favorites while still keeping an open mind to those new arrivals.

As you can see, with a little imagination and ingenuity, you can enjoy a soothing, calming cuppa during your workday. It could very likely save you from “going Postal,” as the expression goes!

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