10 Super Things to Toast with Tea in December

Winter Solstice, Dec. 21st, presages longer days ahead. (Photo source: stock image)
Winter Solstice, Dec. 21st, presages longer days ahead. (Photo source: stock image)

The 12th month of the year is here. A final 31 days to get all of your goals for the year finalized. Yeah, right! I know I got all my New Year’s Resolutions done in January (guffaw!). But seriously, we can get so busy preparing for and then enjoying the holidays during November and December that we forget or don’t have time for some of those goals. Take a moment to stop and assess, then sip some tea, toast a few of these other special days this month, and then get back to work!

  1. National Fritters Day — December 2nd — Yum! Nuff said. Fry some up, steep a pot of tea, and enjoy!
  2. Put On Your Own Shoes Day — December 6th — For anyone who has trouble bending over, either due to weight issues or arthritis, etc., this is a day to celebrate. I have had times when it was impossible for me to bend, due, I think, to some alignment mishap in my spine or maybe even a pulled muscle. So, I know first hand the joy of the simple action of bending down to put on my shoes and tie the laces. It’s certainly something to celebrate with tea.
  3. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day — December 7th — Being related to someone who was at Pearl Harbor when the attack was made, hubby and I tend to acknowledge this day. It was a turbulent time in the world and, thankfully, we enjoy good relations with Japan now, including enjoying their wonderful teas.
  4. National Pastry Day — December 9th — Croissants. Cinnamon buns. Strudel. Pies. Cakes. Cookies. Oh my gosh, I’m suddenly so hungry! And best of all, they all go great with tea. What a day to celebrate.
  5. International Mountain Day — December 11th — Sing a few choruses of “Climb Every Mountain.” Even if you can’t hit the high notes, you will get that Alpine feeling. And have some tea when you’re done singing.
  6. Bill of Rights Day — December 15th — Cherish these rights and toast each with a nice soothing cuppa tea. The bill consists of 10 rights in all, so you can have at least 10 cups of tea. Woohoo! Read the bill here.
  7. Go Caroling Day — December 20th — Dress warmly, bring along some hot tea to sip on, and have fun.
  8. Winter Solstice — December 21st — Officially the first day of Winter for those in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the day when the hours of daylight are shortest, and it’s therefore the day when we can look forward to longer and longer hours of sunlight. It’s part of the Earth’s cycle around the Sun. Now, that’s worth a toast of the teacup!
  9. Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day — December 27th — This is a great activity for your kids to do indoors if it’s too cold and windy outdoors or if there’s no snow or if you live in a climate where there is usually no snow at this time of year (or ever). Even us adults can get in on the fun, too! And serve cocoa and cookies for the kids and tea and more cookies for the adults.
  10. Make Up Your Mind Day — December 31st — Whether it’s deciding something trivial as what career to spend your life pursuing or something earth-shattering like which tea to drink…uh, gee, I think I got that backwards…maybe…anyway, it’s always easier to make a decision when your brain is fueled with tea.

You’re all set for December now. Round out the year 2012 with lots of tasty tea and good cheer!

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3 thoughts on “10 Super Things to Toast with Tea in December

  1. Landed here thanks to Granny’s Parlour… and we know we will be back. Great, smart reads. Very enjoyable. In fact, returning here is now at the top of our New Year’s resolutions list. See you!

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