The Tea Princess Loses Internet Access

Life is full of its bumps and jolts along with the smooth sailing parts. That’s just reality. But how we deal with those bumps and jolts is a key to happiness. For us Tea Princesses, the thing that helps us deal and therefore achieve that happiness is, of course, tea!

Assam TGFOP Tea helps any Tea Princess deal with life’s bumps and jolts! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
Assam TGFOP Tea helps any Tea Princess deal with life’s bumps and jolts! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

Thus it was when this Tea Princess lost her internet access for almost two whole days. Yikes! There’s a saying about not knowing what you’ve got ’til it’s gone (or was that a Joni Mitchell song?), and that is doubly true of being able to go online and instantly look up some esoteric tidbit of information (such as that aforementioned song). So waking, turning on the computer, and trying to go online only to have it sit there saying “Waiting for response…” is certainly one of those jolting bumps in life’s road.

At first, hubby and I thought the DSL was just busy, since about twice as many of our neighbors seemed to be online than usual. It was a holiday, so they were home, and this was natural. Streaming music and videos, watching movies, playing games, and other high-bandwidth activities are commonplace these days over the internet. When the house is full of visiting friends and relatives, even more demands on the local service provider are usual. So we waited and kept trying to go to various web sites or check email. Nada. Zip. Sigh!

Finally, after our holiday meal, I decided to call the tech support line. Thank goodness I did. The issue was not an excess of web surfing by a throng of neighbors after all. So they are all safe for now. But finding out what was the problem would not be possible until a technician came by the next day. So, the Tea Princess in me kicked in and settled down for a large pot of tea, a slice of warm pumpkin pie with a rather oversized “cap” of whipped cream, and a good movie — with hubby joining in, of course.

The technician showed up the next day and checked the obvious possibilities first, eliminating them before moving on to the less obvious. After replacing the router for the fourth time, in part due to his own diligence and in part at the advice of his phone support folks, they all concluded that it was not the router. We were getting ever closer to a solution. Slowly. So slowly in fact that his cell phone battery was running out. He asked if I had a charger, and I showed him ours. He looked at it and said, “No, I meant a cell phone charger.”

I said, “Yes, this is it.”

He said, “Oh, man!”

Ha! We tend not to update our technology unless it dies, so we are still using cell phones we bought in 2000. He had to go out to his truck and let the phone charge and then come back in. Finally, after two hours, his online tech person discovered that the problem was at their end — a dead circuit board or some such thing. They fixed it and voilà we had access, but only through the cable, not wirelessly. Never fear — the technician stayed until he got the wireless part working, too. What a guy! We hope the company knows what a great employee they have.

During that two hours, I steeped first a small pot of Assam TGFOP Tea and drank it quickly, then some Ti Kuan Yin to keep my spirits up, and was sipping on a nice pot of Gunpowder to even things out. Otherwise, I’m not sure how I would have endured.

Time for some more pie and tea and cruising online!

Let your inner Tea Princess take over when one of life’s bumps or jolts comes along. It will help you get back to smooth sailing with ease.

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