All I Want For Christmas

As an accident prone young feller, I was without my two front teeth for a while. But I’ve got that covered now, so I’ll turn my attentions to a few tea-related items I might like to see under the Christmas tree.

Why have just a glass mug when you can have a whole tea set? (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
Why have just a glass mug when you can have a whole tea set? (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

First, a few things that won’t be on my list. Like those fancy high-falutin’ tea-making gadgets that will do everything including clearing the empty tea cups and washing them after you’re finished. There are even said to be models in the works now that will give the dog a bath and trim your roses. Now that’s progress.

In any event, these gizmos are fine if you like that sort of thing. I have a lot of fun writing about them and various other gadgets in my now monthly tea gadget reports but when it comes to my own tea-making process, I like the minimalist approach. Although the one-quart Pyrex measuring cup I use to heat water is a bit scuffed and water spotted and may be due for a replacement.

When it comes to teaware I also tend to stick to the basics, and so there won’t be any fancy teapots or cups or whatnot on my Christmas list. Though I did lose (as in accidentally smashed in the sink) one of the pair of clear glass cups that I’ve used for so long and so I’m always in the market for just the right item along those lines.

But when it comes right down to it, the only tea stuff I really want for Christmas is actual tea. Everything else is just window dressing. I’ll pass altogether on flavored tea, as usual, but I’m always open to sampling the best black teas that the gardens of Assam and Yunnan have to offer. Nor would I turn down a good Ceylon or a less smoky than average variety of Keemun. You can also put me down for a fine Japanese green tea such as Gyokuro or Sencha or for that matter any of a number of great Chinese green tea varieties. And even though oolong is not one of the first types of tea I seek out, I’m not at all opposed to sampling some of the lighter varieties of that kind of tea.

I wouldn’t say that all I want for Christmas is tea, mind you. I’d also like to see world peace and an immediate and total ban on any and all mentions of the Kardashians in all forms of media worldwide, but I guess none of that is really relevant for an article such as this.

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2 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas

  1. And what if tea is the way to world peace? Think about it… who has time for fighting while caught in the moment of a good tea ritual. And then there is sharing. Tea is a good reason for that too. So, I believe it is reasonable to imagine that if everyone got tea for Christmas, peace would be possible at last. That is my theory and I’ll sip to it anytime.

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