Coffee Versus Tea (Another Round)

I grow weary. For purposes of this article, what I’ve specifically grown weary of is the ongoing battle, of sorts, between tea and coffee drinkers. If you look through the archives at my own tea site, you’ll see that I took part in this sort of thing for a time, but now I’m over it – at least for the most part. We all like what we like, and the simple fact is that some of us are wired for coffee (pun sort of intended) while others wouldn’t think of drinking anything but tea (guilty).

A great alternative to coffee: Estate Tea Sampler (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
A great alternative to coffee: Estate Tea Sampler (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

If the truth be told, the coffee drinkers (at least here in the United States) are probably going to always have the strength in numbers. Tea drinkers here as well as in the tea industry in general have made some impressive inroads in recent years and even decades, but it’s hard to imagine a time when we’ll outnumber the coffee crowd.

All of which popped into my mind recently when I ran across an article from Men’s Journal, which presented their readers with A Reason to Drink Coffee Instead of Tea. The thrust of the article, if you really need to know, is that “most of coffee’s health drawbacks are mere myths, and a cup of daily joe may be better for you than tea.” Read on, if you must, for the details on how coffee is healthier for you than tea. When you’re finished be sure to go and make yourself a cup of tea. And stop worrying about your health – it’s bad for your health.

Of course, no article about the coffee and tea wars would be complete without mention of those requisite reports that tea drinking in various tea-centric countries is under attack by a sudden influx of coffee culture. It’s a process that often seems to have been instigated by a certain mega-giant of coffee retailing. You probably know the one.

You can pretty much take your pick of these types of articles, which appear in the press with mind-numbing regularity. Here are a few of the most recent examples. The first report details how tea culture is supposedly under onslaught by coffee in India, which is not only a nation of tea drinkers but also one of the world’s top tea producers. The other report looks at a similar situation in another bastion of tea culture and production, China.

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