What to Get the Tea Princess on Your Gift List

Time to think about what to get the Tea Princess on your gift list. Whether that Tea Princess is your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, grandmother, close friend, casual acquaintance, co-worker, or even yourself, getting the right tea gift for her makes the difference in how the two of you will interact during the new year ahead. It can a warm fuzzy relationship or…

The perfect tea gift is always just a bit better in shiny paper and ribbons and bows! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
The perfect tea gift is always just a bit better in shiny paper and ribbons and bows! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

Normally, I’d say that the tea gift you give needs to be basic unless you know the giftee has a good level of knowledge of tea, but hey, we’re talking about Tea Princesses here. That title in itself implies a fairly high level of understanding of tea’s intricacies, not to mention fairly high standards when it comes to tea.

Awhile ago, I proposed a Tea Princess Kit. This kit was filled with everything needed for a Tea Princess to have that urgent “cuppa” wherever she may be. It comes in especially handy in restaurants where tea is a string-and-tag bag and tepid water in a thick mug (if you’re lucky). You can put together your own version, and be sure it’s portable. Lugging around a kit the size of a hiker’s backpack doesn’t strike me as being too practical.

Speaking of hikers, if your Tea Princess is the outdoors type, go for a camping/hiking tea kit. It can include a little camp stove, a pot that can heat the water and steep the tea, and a lightweight cup or two. To save weight, avoid having a strainer by using T-sacs or other filters. You can pre-fill some of these with extra special teas. If your Tea Princess likes milk and sweetener, include powdered milk or creamer and packets of sugar or other sweetener in the kit.

For the stay-at-home Tea Princess and those who, like me, have just decided to say “No!” to tea in a restaurant, even my own (the experience just isn’t right), you should select a teapot lovely to behold yet practical for steeping. No “stunt double” needed that way. You can include matching teacups and saucers and a cream pitcher and sugar bowl.

Of course, Tea Princesses welcome a package of a special tea. Here’s where you may need to do a bit of subtle detecting to find out which one would be sure to get you on their good side. If she loves oolongs, treat her to some of the top ones, starting with Ti Kuan Yin “Iron Goddess of Mercy.” If she drinks only black teas, introduce her to an array of black teas with a sampler set. Has she expressed the desire to explore the many versions of Darjeeling teas? Again, a sampler is the way to go. You get the idea!

Whatever gift you end up selecting, don’t forget extra special wrapping. Shiny paper and ribbons and bows will put a real sparkle in that Tea Princess’ eye, a sparkle that will get brighter when she unwraps the gift — assuming you have chosen wisely and well!

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3 thoughts on “What to Get the Tea Princess on Your Gift List

  1. My mom is absolutely in love with bone china so I got her the Violets Fine Bone China Tea Set for her birthday recently. She totally fell in love with it!

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