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Earl Grey is a widespread favorite!
Earl Grey is a widespread favorite!

Where would we be without our beloved celebrities? It was F. Scott Fitzgerald who once wrote, “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” I’m sure there’s more than a few grains of truth to that but at least one way in which celebrities tend to come down to Earth with the rest of us is in their love for tea.

There’s been a minor flurry of celebrity-related tea news lately so how about we start with Kate Hudson? The actress asserted recently that she makes better tea than her English fiancée though the claims that she’s “invented” her own tea might be a bit overstated. Said invention is merely composed of two bag of Earl Grey per serving with two sugars “and cappuccino milk with froth.”

I’ve heard the name Stephen Fry many times now but until writing this article I wasn’t quite clear on exactly who he was and what he does. However, on other side of the Atlantic the actor is apparently considerably more popular. So much so that a recent poll found him beating out the Queen as the person respondents would most like to have tea with.

Speaking of royalty, the fourth-ranked celeb in the aforementioned poll was the Duchess of Cambridge, better known as a Kate Middleton. Here’s a report about a Nevada-based tea merchant who created a Duchess of Cambridge blend in her honor. It’s “an elegant blend of rosé petals, sunflower petals and cornflowers on a base of Ceylon OP large leaf. A bright brew within a hint of sweet rose.”

Though she’s described as a “comedy legend,” Victoria Wood may be another one of those celebrities who’s better known in the United Kingdom than she is here. She’s currently starring in Victoria Wood’s Nice Cup of Tea, in which she “travels the globe to explore Britain’s love affair with tea in a two part special on the little plant that changed the world.” Among the celebrities she visits with in her travels, singer Morrissey and Matt Smith, who stars as the latest incarnation of the eternally popular Dr. Who.

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