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May 30, 2013

  • 3 Ways to Have a Tea Time Picnic

    Summer is fast approaching, but even here in springtime, the urge to be in the great outdoors is irresistible. For us tea lovers, that means putting on a tea time picnic. There are three basic approaches: 1 Take along store-bought bottled tea To me, this is the very bottom of the proverbial barrel. No offense… Continue reading

  • The Poetry of Tea Names

    If you haven’t noticed yet, let me direct your attention to the fact that many tea names are comparatively bland and utilitarian. Let’s leave aside for now any names that have to do with a specific tea merchant such as Twinings, PG Tips, and the like, and focus on some of the rest. Perhaps one… Continue reading

  • Tea for Two

    Recently, I’ve had a lot of ‘tea for two’ experiences, that is, enjoying a pot of tea with another person. Sometimes this has been with friends, sometimes with family. It has reminded me just how personalised tea experiences can be, especially when they involve only one other person. Just as the conversation and energy will… Continue reading

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