Tea Moment — “Oh!! There’s PIE!!!”

Did you ever go to the grocery store, bakery, or wherever and bring home a special treat such as pie and put it away in the cupboard or even the refrigerator and forget about it? Me, too. The latest instance of this almost feeblemindedness (I mean, really, who can forget they have PIE in the house?) came up a few days ago.

Mmmmm…cherry pie! Great with a cuppa English Breakfast No. 1 or whatever tea you prefer!
Mmmmm…cherry pie! Great with a cuppa English Breakfast No. 1 or whatever tea you prefer!

Here’s the scene: As usual with such instances, it begins at that bone-chilling moment when we realize that the teapot is empty. A brief shudder and then we galvanize into action. Fill the tea kettle with water…put it on the hot plate (we forewent having a stove in our new home)…decide which tea to have (quite a process in itself sometimes since there are so many wonderful ones from which to choose)…put the appropriate amount of dry tea in the teapot…set up the teacups to be ready…when the kettle boils pour the water into the teapot…set the timer and start it…oh, wait, something’s missing…a treat, I think, since tea time isn’t really tea time without a proper treat…but what to have?

Again, when it comes to what to nosh whilst enjoying that tea, the options are many. Here are a few possibles:

  • Cookies (or “biscuits” as the British say)
  • Digestives (sort of a high-fiber version of biscuits/cookies)
  • American-style biscuits served with various toppings such as butter, honey, jams, and preserves
  • Scones (freshly baked, of course) in any of dozens of flavors, including fruits but also more recently recipes are popping up including bacon, cheddar, and more
  • Petit fours (those tiny little cakes with different icings and decorations)
  • Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes!!
  • Brownies

Hm, I keep thinking there’s one I’ve forgotten…oh, yeah, pie!

Actually, it was hubby that reminded me. He saw me looking through the cupboards and pantry with a looks of puzzlement on my face. When I explained that I was looking for a treat to have with our tea, he asked, “What about the cherry pie in the frig?”

I paused. Cherry pie? We had cherry pie in the house and I had forgotten it? Gee, must be all the boxes of stuff sitting around yet to be unpacked that have me discombobulated. Yep, a peek in the frig confirmed that we had cherry pie. It would go perfectly with that English Breakfast Tea No. 1 that was now steeped and waiting. A couple of slices were quickly served up, warmed slightly in the microwave. Ah, love this modern technology!

Next time you are getting ready for a wonderful tea moment, check around. You just may have a pie lurking and waiting to be devoured!

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