Another great tea moment popped up in a movie I was watching a little while ago. Maybe as I have evolved into a more involved tea drinker, I am just noticing these things more. Whatever the case, I sat up and took notice of the tea moment in “If Winter Comes.”

This is another of those movies set in the early days of World War II, with the main character (“Mark Sabre” portrayed by Walter Pigeon) being unable to join the fighting for Britain due to a bad heart. But while his heart was physically bad, it was emotional very giving. He took pity on a young woman who was pregnant by a young man who had gone off to war. Her father kicked her out, so Sabre took her in. His wife did not appreciate this and moved out, taking her furniture (received as a wedding present from her father) with her. As things seemed their darkest, along came this line:

Think of all the great decisions that have been made in this world over a cup of tea.

Wow! Take a moment and reread that. I’ll wait…

Okay, all done? Time to think about some great decision that you’ve made over a cup of tea. Here are some of mine:

  • Chose the right shade of blue to paint the walls of the Dining Room (actually, the top half of the walls above the chair railing, since we wanted another color below the chair railing).
That blue color was selected while enjoying a hot cuppa! (photo provided by A.C. Cargill)

That blue color was selected while enjoying a hot cuppa! (photo provided by A.C. Cargill)

  • Decided whether hubby and I should go out to a movie, and suffer the slings and arrows of an outrageous sound system that would shatter our eardrums, or whether twas nobler to stay home and watch a DVD we both enjoyed and have the sound at the right level for us. (We stayed home! Sorry, Shakespeare, for that lousy quote.)
  • Decided not to cut those daffodils in the garden for a bouquet on the table but instead let them stay in that garden and possibly get flattened by an impending storm (they survived).
  • Best of all, decided where to move once our previous house sold!

Yes, indeed, tea gets those brain cells chugging along and making all kinds of decisions faster and more decisively. Give it a try and see how it goes for you!

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