Designer Tea

This blog has examined some of the ways in which artists have used tea in their work, or as inspiration for their art. But what about all the designers out there?

If images of tea equivalents of Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana are flooding your mind, fear not. I am thinking more of designers interested in creating novel new products, such as the designers at German creative agency Kolle Rebbe who have recently developed a calendar made out of tea.

The Tea Calendar (image from Kolle Rebbe site)
The Tea Calendar (image from Kolle Rebbe site)

Designed for the German tea products manufacturer Hälssen & Lyon, this calendar consists of tea leaves dried and pressed into thin squares. Each square represents one day, much like those calendars where you tear off a page each morning. The difference is that in this calendar, each days transforms into a delicious cup of tea!

You can pop the kettle on as you check what day it is, pour yourself a cup of hot water, and then drop the calendar day into your cup to let it brew. Voilà! Your cup of tea is ready to be enjoyed. Is it innovative design or edible art? Either way, you have to hand it to the designers for coming up with an effective way to actually remember what day it is; after all, it’s a lot harder to forget the date if you watch it transform into a cup of tea every morning!

But what do tea enthusiasts have to say about this new-fangled take on tea? I suspect many are utterly delighted by this creation that adds a twist to morning tea time. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there are also many tea drinkers who are not all that keen on it.

Watch your day turn into a cuppa tea! (image from Kolle Rebbe site)
Watch your day turn into a cuppa tea! (image from Kolle Rebbe site)

Firstly, there is no readily available information about what types of tea the calendar uses, and for anyone who is particular about the types of tea they drink, or just want to know what it is they are drinking, this may not appeal so much. And then there is the issue of storage. As any seasoned tea drinker knows, storing you tea properly is essential for maintaining its freshness and intensity of flavour. However the calendar does not seem to enclose the tea in any sort of container. While I trust that the designers are intelligent folk who did their market research to a sufficiently thorough level, their design may just be too far out there for traditional, by-the-book tea drinkers.

Finally, for many devoted tea drinkers, brewing tea directly in a cup is just not done. While you could brew the calendar day in a pot and then transfer it to a cup, the use of one day per cup suggests that it would not make enough for a pot for two, which could be a problem for some. And last, but not least, some tea drinkers just might have an issue with their tea leaves being pressed so tightly together.

That being said, this calendar will certainly give you a tea experience unlike any other!

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