Paint Your Own Teawares

Remember those pottery cafés where you go and paint your own bowl, plate, or [insert miscellaneous ceramic item here]? Well, some even have teapots that you can paint yourself and, as crafty past times for tea lovers go, I feel like this is a pretty good one. With the copious numbers of gorgeous teapots already out there, I can understand if this idea is not immediately appealing. But sometimes the handcrafted, personal touch is just what you want, even if you’re don’t particularly feel like a Titian, Renoir, or Klee. After all, minimalism is in, and simple designs rarely go amiss (also, stencils are useful things).

Some paint-your-own-pottery studios from Yahoo! Images
Some paint-your-own-pottery studios from Yahoo! Images

This could be the perfect way to craft that teapot that you’ve always had in mind, but somehow have never found (although I, for one, don’t quite have enough confidence in my painting skills to produce such a teapot). Or perhaps you have a teacup that you really love, but none of your teapots seem to match its colour exactly. Perhaps it is less about aesthetics and more about the process of creating and making your teawares your own. Maybe it’s just really fun to paint a teapot.

A hand-painted teapot would also make a good gift for another tea lover. If you harbor creative inclinations, channeling them towards a personalised teapot for someone you care about seems like a pretty great option.

There tend to be paint-your-own-pottery establishments in most sizeable cities, so finding one nearby should not be too difficult for urban dwellers. But if there is not one nearby, or you don’t really fancy going there in person, there are lots of options for ordering kits and painting your own pottery at home that might suit you better. But whichever option appeals to you most, a hand-painted teapot can make a great gift– for a fellow tea-lover, or just for yourself.

And why limit yourself to teapots? Teacups, mugs, milk pitchers…the possibilities are endless!

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