Teapot Styles — Christmas Cheer

Snowman Stacked Tea for One (ETS image)
Snowman Stacked Tea for One (ETS image)

Snowmen and Santas and Evergreens, oh my! Teapots with Christmas designs won’t lead you on a yellow brick road through a haunted forest and up to the city of Oz to meet a wizard, but they will say, “There’s no place like home … there’s no place like home … for the holidays!” And the designs just get more elegant, cuter, and more imaginative every year.


Fine bone china teapots trimmed with real gold and silver paint and hand-painted with seasonal designs will be the focal point of your Christmas tea time and dinner. Check out the ones available from some of the finest ceramics and porcelain makers in the world, including Wedgwood and Lennox.


Santas and Snowmen are definitely in the cute category, rating about a nine on a scale of one to ten. Red suits and black boots on the Santas. Pork pie hats, coal eyes, carrot noses, and corncob pipes for the snowmen. And then there are those almost edible Gingerbread House teapots (some so realistic that they’d fool Hansel and Gretel). Each will bring a smile to the lips of everyone who sees them. And a lot fewer calories to the waistline!


Santa checking that list of who’s naughty and who’s nice. Frosty the Snowman sledding with the neighborhood kids. A fireplace complete with cozy log fire and colorful stockings hanging in front of it waiting to be filled with goodies. These are just some of the wonderful and imaginative seasonal designs available. They bring back memories of childhood for the older folks and create new ones for the younger “tea tipplers.”

Whichever suits your style and mood will surely enliven that holiday gathering, adding sparkle and charm and a bit of whimsy. Who knows? Santa himself might show up, so don’t forget those cookies to go with the tea!

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