McVitie’s Mania!

As an unabashed fan of McVitie’s Digestives (the kind coated with dark chocolate), I am admittedly in a bit of a rut. And I like it. A lot. But even so, I am open to trying new things, such as the other McVitie’s tasty products.

McVitie’s Mania has set in! (ETS image)
McVitie’s Mania has set in! (ETS image)

Plain and milk chocolate versions…

Not everyone likes dark chocolate on their digestives (so named because they were often eaten to assist in the free flow through the digestive system). I can accept that. There are all kinds of people in this world. Therefore, the McVitie’s folks have both plain and milk chocolate versions.

By the cookie tin full…

While the nice round package of digestives is handy, it is also limited in volume and insufficient for when you have guests. The cookie tins hold almost a pound and a half of cookies — enough for a lovely tea time with friends with no one walking away dissatisfied. You can choose either the McVitie’s Classic Collection Tin (a delicious assortment of traditional McVitie’s biscuits, drenched in milk, white, and plain chocolate) or the McVitie’s Victoria Tin (a selection of biscuits luxuriously covered in white and milk chocolate).

In other versions…

McVitie’s doesn’t just make digestives. They also carry other baked items with their own special appeal. Great for tea time or just to satisfy your craving for something sweet and/or chocolaty.

And, of course, in gift baskets…

If you’re putting together that perfect gift basket for a loved one, don’t forget the McVitie’s. And, of course, if you’re leaving hints around for your loved ones to know what to get you, be sure to write “McVitie’s” really LARGE! Or just have them get you a ready-made gift basket such as this one:

Afternoon Tea Gift Basket — everything needed for an authentic afternoon tea, including two types of gourmet teas (English Breakfast and Earl Grey), McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits, Original scone mix, clotted cream, Bonne Maman Mini Strawberry Preserves, and a 6-cup English Tea Store teapot — all in a nice basket. (*Online Stores, Inc reserves the right to replace items in baskets, if out of stock or discontinued, with similar items of price and color.)

Party on with McVitie’s!

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