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December 6, 2013

  • 3 Ways to Drop Hints for That Tea Gift

    The countdown is on, and your friends and loved ones are trying to be all stealth with their gift shopping — as if you don’t really know what’s going on, especially since you’re going all stealth yourself trying to get them the perfect gift. While you’re all scurrying here and there, both at the malls… Continue reading

  • Industrial Strength Tea

    While tea is generally thought to provide a more easygoing boost than coffee or beverages such as energy drinks, the fact remains that many people who consume it do so because it contains caffeine. For most tea drinkers, tea prepared more or less in the standard fashion is likely good enough for such purposes. While… Continue reading

  • Tea: My Little Ambassador in a Cup

    by Guest Blogger Christy Potter [Editor’s note: Christy’s first and sadly only contribution to our blog — we wish her the best.] I was raised to be many things: a creative thinker, a strong woman, and a coffee drinker. Black, specifically, brewed in the early morning and traded for decaf in the afternoon. When I… Continue reading

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