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January 14, 2014

  • More on Bone China Teawares — Part I

    One of the most popular style of teawares is bone china, known for its brilliant white base color, delicate designs, yet hardy and practical structure. While bone china originated in the UK, it is now made in other countries also, including China, Taiwan, and India. Time to explore some of the designs popular in England.… Continue reading

  • On the Science of Perfect Tea

    I currently contribute a monthly column to this site on tea books and one on tea gadgets and offbeat news. I don’t intend to start writing about perfect tea on a regular basis, but given how many people are offering advice on achieving this lofty goal it’s safe to say there’s no shortage of material… Continue reading

  • Recipe for Tea Cheese Bites

    We have all seen that preverbal cheese ball covered in nuts sitting in the center of a plate surrounded by crackers. This is not that, whew! Small bites sized creamy cheese balls surrounded by tea glazed pecans. Your palate is sure to enjoy this creamy, crunchy, salty yet sweet bite. One of the wonderful things… Continue reading

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