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Is It Scone Time Yet? Definitely…Somewhere!

A lot of folks will read this article title on either Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites and click “LIKE,” “Favorite,” or otherwise indicate agreement. True scone lovers know that anytime is good for scones, especially when served with tea.

Simple to make, great with tea…what’s not to love? (Sorry, we were out of clotted cream. Sigh!) (Photo by A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
Simple to make, great with tea…what’s not to love? (Sorry, we were out of clotted cream. Sigh!) (Photo by A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

The most common time of day for serving scones is an afternoon “cream tea” (see a list below of articles on this blog for more information). The second most common time is breakfast instead of other grains (toast, oatmeal, biscuits, crumpets, muffins, boxed cereals, etc.). Then there is that leftover scone (a rarity but known to exist here and there) that gets gobbled up as a mid-morning treat with that cuppa to hold you until lunch. Scones have also been known to go with supper or eaten as a bedtime snack. Even if you confine your “scone scarfing” to that afternoon tea time, you can enjoy them all day, since it’s always afternoon tea time somewhere in the world!

The generally accepted time for Afternoon Tea is 4 p.m. However, no location was specified. And if you spend a lot of time online (or even just enough to read articles like this one), you are connecting with people in time zones around the globe. Let’s say it 10 a.m. your time. That means it’s 4 p.m. in London. Woohoo! Time to have some scones and a nice cuppa while chatting online with our social media “friends” in London! And since any decent tea time should take about an hour, that means a round-the-clock chance to have scones. Not that you should be constantly eating, but you can select whichever time zone you prefer, instead of being stuck with your own for that scone enjoyment.

Other handy time conversions (not intended as a complete listing):

Anytime is Afternoon Tea time

*Your time may vary if you are in an area that does not adjust clocks one hour forward or backward twice a year. See a complete world map of time zones here.

Since scones are an easy, straightforward tea time delight to make, especially from a mix like Sticky Fingers brand that just needs a little water and some time in the oven, anytime you pick to enjoy some will be not only in line with Afternoon Tea time somewhere in the world, but will be a snap to get ready!

Some teas to have with scones:

I had to add in that last one since the idea here is to enjoy yourself, not follow some silly rule about what tea to have with what food. And I hope you do just that…enjoy yourself, that is.

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