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Teas and Chocolates for Your Valentine’s Day Tea Time

February, known for Groundhog’s Day where we see how much more Winter weather we’ll need to endure, is thankfully punctuated in the middle with romance. Valentine’s Day on the 14th is an occasion to say “I love you” in a number of ways that have become traditional through the years – some date it as far back to the 3rd century BC in Rome. Exchanging cards (including some charming “olde tyme” ones), gifts of candy and flowers, candlelit dinners, and even marriage proposals are most usual. But a Valentine’s Day tea time is another event that is becoming fairly common.

Snuggle up to this cushy teddy bear while you nibble on those chocolates! (ETS image)
Snuggle up to this cushy teddy bear while you nibble on those chocolates! (ETS image)

Start with a gift basket, something that can set the mood with a cute plush bear and/or plenty of chocolates, like one of these:

Time to select a tea to go with your gift basket. Depending on the type of chocolates included, you will want a certain type of tea. Here are some pairings that tea and chocolate lovers have found good:

Tea Goes with
Pai Mu Tan (White Peony, Bai Mu Dan) milk, dark, and white chocolate
Silver Needle white chocolate
Dragonwell milk and white chocolate
Genmaicha milk and white chocolate
Gyokuro dark and flavored/filled chocolate
Hojicha (Houjicha) milk, dark, white, and flavored/filled chocolate
Jasmine Green Tea milk, dark, and flavored/filled chocolate
Matcha milk, dark, and white chocolate
Sencha milk, white, and flavored/filled chocolate
Oolong teas in general milk, dark, bittersweet, and flavored/filled chocolate
Bai Hao Oolong rich in Honey notes dark chocolate
Ti Kuan Yin and other floral Oolongs dark chocolate
Wu Yi Oolong milk chocolate
Oolong such as Dung Ti white chocolate
Assam white, milk, and dark chocolate
Darjeeling teas in general milk, dark, and white chocolate
Earl Grey dark, milk, and flavored/filled chocolate
English Breakfast Blend milk chocolate
Keemun dark chocolate
Lapsang Souchong and similar smoked teas dark and flavored/filled chocolate
Pu-erh in general dark chocolate
Yunnan Black Tea milk and white chocolate
Masala chai (spiced tea) milk, white, and flavored/filled chocolate
Vanilla Cream Tea dark chocolate
Citrus flavored tea citrus flavored chocolate
Fruit flavored tea fruit flavored chocolate
Floral scented tea floral flavored chocolate
Herbal infusions milk and white chocolate
Spicy ginger yerba maté milk chocolate

Be sure to set the stage with a lovely teapot, delicate teacups, a vase of flowers, candles, and some nice mood music to suit your tastes. Then, get set for an evening that will start out sweet and go…well, who knows!

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