Tea Themes on Our Blog

Simply Sunflowers Gift Basket (ETS image)
Simply Sunflowers Gift Basket (ETS image)

Over the years, our blog has addressed lots of tea themes. From what tea is and how to prepare it, to different tea customs, history and teawares. We have looked at every twist and turn and nuance of tea and yet the articles keep coming. Why? Because that is tea – ever present and changing and yet the same. For those fairly new to our blog, though, I thought a look back at some of those themes was in order.

What Tea Is

A lot of things get called “tea” these days, even a soupy version of decayed vegetative matter for use in your garden (of course, those spent tea leaves can do some good there, too). Sorting out what is what can be tricky. These articles and more seek to do just that:

How to Prepare It

This section is huge, popping up page after page of articles (325 and counting). A few highlights:

Tea Customs

Tea, the global beverage, second only to water in popularity, is enjoyed in a variety of ways, many of which have become true customs. Some of them are shown here:

Tea History

Tea drinking has been around for thousands of years, so it is safe to say that it has a bit of history. A quick search again popped up a long list from our blog. Here are a few samples:


Cups and pots and kettles and strainers and gaiwans…oh my! How do you sort it all out? With these and other articles from our blog:

Foods, books about tea, and simply enjoying tea moments (with or without a good book) are also themes we’ve covered and will continue to cover. Check out the blog sometime to see what is there. You never know what treasure you will find!

See more of A.C. Cargill’s articles here.

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